Harbor View Plaza

Apt. 710

This series 1 of 4 shots from right (up canal) to left (harbor) view from Lanai.

This was a cloudy day with very poor lighting conditions when pictures taken.

Photo 2

Photo 3

photo 4 (very bad lighting conditions) overlooks Ala Moana Beach park,

ocean, and Yacht Harbor on left.

Building viewed from bridge over canal, 710 is end unit on left,

halfway up 14 floor (plus parking) building

Lobby entrance

View from lanai back into living room, hallway in center leads to

bedroom (behind shoji doors) and front door, kitchen area on left pass-through,

2nd bedroom on extreme right.

2nd bedroom opens with shoji doors to enlarge living room and enjoy view

from additional windows.  This room has doorway to bathroom on left out of sight.

From 2nd bedroom looking back into living room and lanai.


Other pictures available of kitchen and baths but they are in original condition and

could use updating.  $30-$50,000 would transform this unit into an completely

modern apartment with new kitchen, baths, appliances, fixtures, lighting & flooring.

It is quite livable and in good working order now, and rents for about $1600 mo.

An updated Apt. would rent for about $400-$600 more.

More Photos

This is a "skycam" view from a proposed new project that is going to

be built behind Harbor View Plaza.  The "L" building in the lower left

corner is Harbor View Plaza.  Yacht Harbor Towers is on the right side edge.

This is another "skycam" shot higher up as you can see the roof

of Harbor View Plaza in the lower left corner.

As you can tell, the views from Harbor View Plaza are totally

unobstructed out over the marina and Ala Moana Beach park beyond.

This is the view facing west into the sunset.

Here is the reverse angle looking back at Harbor View Plaza from

Yacht Harbor Towers.  HVP is the building on the left. 

The twin towers beyond is the beautiful Hawaii Prince Hotel .