Welcome to Diamond Head Vista

Unit 502

Lanai off living room/bedroom 2

Same lanai from inside living room

View looking DH/Ocean from living room

Same spot in back of living room shift right

continue to shift right to bedroom 2

living room to kitchen

living room to kitchen close-up

kitchen from hall entrance

same shift right

same shift right

final shift right from hallway

bathroom 2 (nice sized)

reverse perspective B-2 from tub

close-up original cabinets/counter top

hallway view towards bedroom 1 (master)

peek into bathroom 1(master) from bedroom 1

look at bathroom 1 from closet shown before

left side view of bathroom 1

view to 2nd lanai from bedroom 1

view from where you would sleep in master bedroom

view from sleep back towards hallway closet

From living room back towards front entry

close-up washer/dryer in kitchen area

view from kitchen

shift right

closet off bedroom 2 from lanai

looking at 2nd lanai from living room lanai

panoramic shot #1  in sequence from right to left

#2 shifting left

#3 shifting left

#4 shifting left

#5 shifting left

#6 final left view from lanai 1 off living rm./br 2

Now look down to pool below

sitting on lanai 1 looking in to living room

another perspective of lanai 1 from BR 2

BR 2 flows into living room using only vertical blinds (not

shown on left) as a partition.

looking at lanai 1 from master BR lanai


The following are a couple of shots from the unit we

sold at DHV last year.  It shows kitchen opened up

in same relative position as unit 502 and also a really nicely upgraded bathroom where you will notice "bowl sink"

and faucet extending out from mirror.  This is just

to give you a small idea of what you can transform

these "original" units into.  All interior walls

are not load bearing and there are several

that can removed to really open things

up in these units.