Diamond Head Vista - Apt. 2904

$420,000 LH - FSBO

1 Bedroom /1 Bath / 2 Parking

View to left

moving right

looking about straight out

looking right

Large usable open lanai

Lanai from kitchen

right side of kitchen

left side of kitchen (lanai to your left)


View to kitchen area from living room

looking at front door kitchen on left

living room from lanai

living room from foyer (smoke mirror wall)


original cabinets and top but in very good condition

bedroom has door out to lanai

from bathroom, through bedroom, to lanai

Washer/dryer in back end of kitchen

One stall is oversize with car and bike on 3rd floor

Other stall is at top of ramp, also on 3rd floor

This building has convenient parking

with easy elevator access

Surf was up today!